Top 5 things todo in Gifu-city|岐阜市観光でやりたいこと5選


Gifu city is a nice city located in Chubu area in the very heart of Japan. It takes only 20 min from Nagoya by train.


It is full of history and unique culture, such as Gifu Castle and Nagara river. It is the perfect place to do sightseeing for one day.


There were two famous persons in Japanese history that are connected with Gifu Castle. One is Saito Dosan, who hosted the “Great Viper of Mino”. And the other one is Oda Nobunaga, “Great Fool of Owari”, who became one of the 3 Unifiers of Japan during the Warring States Period.


The following is a list of some of the many must-see sights and attractions in Gifu City.



(1)Gifu Castle 岐阜城

If you come to Gifu city, you need to go to Gifu Castle. Because Gifu Castle is the best place for Gifu sightseeing after all.


Gifu Castle is a picturesque castle located a top Mountain Kinka in Gifu City. You can enjoy two different ways to go to the top of the mountain. One is by taking a car from Gifu park. Another is a leisurely one hour climb to the top of the mountain.


There are spectacular views from the observation gallery on the top floor. You can enjoy 360-degree viewing!!



Gifu Castle



(2)Kawaramachi Town 川原町

In Kawaramachi you can board the ships for Ukai, the famous comoran fishing. Once it flourished as the river port of Nagara river, and even more many old buildings are still remaining.



Kawaramachi Town



 (3)Gifu Fans 岐阜うちわ

There is a Gifu Fans shop on Kawaramachi. “Gifu Fan” is one of the traditional types of Japanese fans. These fans originated during the Muromachi period of Japan, more than 500 years ago. They were originally introduced as souvenirs for people visiting to see Ukai Fishing.


There is a last store in Japan dedicated solely to making Gifu Fans. At the storefront, you can see Mr.Kazunari Sumi of the 4th generation of this store.


Address(Kazunari-san’s Store)

〒500-8009 岐阜県岐阜市湊町46番地 住井冨次郎商店


(4)Ukai: Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River 鵜飼

Ukai -cormorant fishing on the pristine Nagara river – is one of most beautiful summer sights of Gifu City.

Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River is held every night during the season from May 11 through October 15, with the exception of the harvest moon period, when river water levels are rissen.







(5)Gifu Great Buddha  岐阜大仏

The Gifu Great Buddha is 13.7 meters tall, with ears 2.1 meters long and nose 0.4 meters high. Along with the Great Buddhas at Nara and Kamakura, it is one of the three great Buddha portrait statues in Japan.


The Great Buddha is located a very short distance from Gifu Park and entry costs 200 yen.



Gifu Great Buddha



More Info(Bicycle rentals)

Bicycle rentals are available for 100 yen per day.
Seven rental stands are located in Gifu City. You can return the bicycle to any one of them.
Your ID is required for renting.

Click here for more information.  (Gifu City Office website, Japanese page)